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This Store Is Celebrating A New Bluey Item With A Dance Party Around The Country

To celebrate the release of the latest piece of Bluey merchandise, one store in North America has scheduled something atypical of a new product. It’s common for ribbon cuttings or autograph signings when something special is making it’s in-store debut, but this mega-chain is offering… a dance party? Yup, a Bluey dance party that will tour certain parts of the United States, and if you’re lucky – it might be coming to your town.

Pamper The Skin They’re In

Pamper is releasing the first official Bluey diapers, Pampers Easy Ups training pants, which are available in Wal-Mart stores and Amazon. These training parts are intended to help ease the transiton from diapers to underpants, offering leakproof protection and lock away channels to ensure even when accidents happen, they stay where they belong! They feature Bluey and Bingo on the product, and the Wal-Mart website directs parents to check out their activity pages on their website to keep their kids “motivated” while going through this adjustment.

In honor of this occasion, the company is dropping (maybe bad choice of words when discussing diapers) special events across parts of the United States. 35 Wal-Mart locations will feature a Bluey-themed dance party to give young children and parents something fun to do at the superstore besides buying nappies.

Kirsten Fallon, the BBC’s director of Retail Development, shared some images and more info about these events on her LinkedIn page, which mentions aspects of this launch party, including coloring activities, storytime, watching episodes of the Australian animated series, and contests to win prizes courtesy of other partners in Bluey’s merchandising endeavors.

The Bluey Dance Party Tour has already begun, starting in Arkansas, and working its way through Missouri and Tennessee before continuing in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Even if your Wal-Mart doesn’t have a dance party, the stores have a massive Bluey Easter section that has some exclusive products available only in brick-and-mortar locations.

Below are the official graphics listing all of the dates and locations:

As of now, the final event will take place on March 30, wrapping up the tour with its second appearance in Missouri. No locations outside of these states have been listed yet, so if you live in the western part of North America or anything not included in this chunk of Central and Eastern U.S., you might not be able to make it to this event. There might be a reasoning for these parts of the country as opposed to others, but for now – your guess is as good as mine.

What Comes Next After Bluey Diapers?

It’s hard to believe Bluey hasn’t been on diapers before, but it seems the past year has been very fruitful for the franchise in terms of seeing the Heelers on more products.

While I don’t think these diapers will sell out as quickly as Hot Topic’s exclusive Bluey hi-tops, it’s a safe bet to say these could be a challenge to find. Anything with Bluey’s face on it suddenly becomes the hottest thing on storeshelves. If you’ve had no luck finding these Pampers anywhere, Handcraft offers these colorful training pants on Amazon in different sizes that might help your family out.

Despite their absorbency, Pampers don’t necessarily make it across the ocean often. For Australian parents, BabyLove SleepyNights pants are available on their side of the world, offering security for children up to seven years old.

We’ve seen many of the dogs in Bluey as babies, including little Bluey in “Baby Race,” but beyond that – no one seems to wear underpants. Sure, Bandit has some stinky old pairs of drawers scattered on his bedroom floor, and the purple jocks were crucial in “Bumpy and The Wise Old Wolf Hound,” but since no one wears pants after a certain age, this product tie-in leaves us with more questions than answers.


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