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There’s A Bluey Nintendo Switch Console, But You Can’t Buy It

When Bluey: The Videogame was preparing for its release, fans of the animated series were abuzz. Everybody was excited to have a chance to play it, whether by themselves or with their family. After all, this was the first time outside of a mobile app that players could take control of the Heeler family, run around their huge house, and get into shenanigans.

As part of the promotions leading up to its sale date, several contests went on across the United States. The biggest one was done by Microsoft, who were offering one lucky fan a chance to win a custom Bluey Xbox console and controller. While I don’t know who ultimately won the contest, it was the talk of the internet for quite some time. Some wanted to win it, others didn’t believe it was real, but everybody wanted to know more.

Little did I know, Xbox wasn’t the only custom console out there to promote the game. Just recently, thanks to a Reddit post, I discovered there was another special video game system that coincided with the video game, and it seemed like nobody was talking about it – and even fewer knew about it.

Bluey’s Nintendo Switch Console

While Microsoft had their contest happening, Nintendo was also getting in on the custom console contest. In early December, several websites including Mum Central promoted a contest with the winner receiving this glorious-looking device.

What you’re looking at is an official custom Nintendo Switch console with one of the most unique docks ever. Yes, that’s the dock for the system, and it’s in the shape of the Heeler house. The dock for the system is honestly nothing fancy – a simple rectangle with a USB-C connection that your Switch plugs into for charging or to use with your TV. This time around, it’s a simplified version of the famous Bluey house, and it’s way more vertical than the average version. The back of the dock was Bluey’s signature color, and featured the Bluey: The Videogame logo on it.

But, Nintendo didn’t stop there.

In addition to the custom dock, a pair of Joycons with Bluey and Bingo’s colors were also available as part of this set.

This product was valued at $1,200 AUD and much like the Microsoft contest, was only available to one lucky winner through a submission form. In other words, this product was not going to be sold at stores, and the handful of systems out there in the wild would be the entire inventory of this unique collectible.

Can You Buy This Bluey Nintendo Switch?

Sadly, the console appeared to be exclusive not only to this sweepstakes, but also to The Land Down Under. Of the sites I found who were promoting this console through a contest, all of them were based in Australia. That might be why so few of us heard about this Switch stateside, and the focus was on the XBOX console, instead.

The contest ended around a similar date as the Xbox one, too, concluding in mid-December.

It’s a shame so many of these products were one-of-a-kind and only available through these contests, because so many fans seemed happy to lay down their dollarbucks and pick one up for themselves. Both of these consoles could have been among the hot items during the holiday season if they had more time to promote them and get in stores, but unfortunately, they seemed to be one and done.

Some industrious folks have created their own unofficial Bluey video game hardware on Etsy, so if you missed out on these (and chances are you did because they were so rare) you still have a chance to get something Bluey-related for your gaming needs. As for the Bluey video game, reviews varied depending on the perspective of the person playing it, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a sequel was on the horizon for 2024 or later.


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