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Could More Bluey Characters Be Coming Soon to Good2Grow Juice Bottles?

Bluey has a lot of merchandise, but most of it is fairly run of the mill. You’ve got your plushies and figures from Moose Toys, apparel like T-shirts in Target and Wal-Mart stores or these Bluey sneakers from Hot Topic, and household goods like plates and cups (or the most important parenting product, diapers). Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? As far as weird goes, the strangest item I can think of would be the one we’re focusing on today, which allows children the ability to drink juice from the heads of the Heeler family!

Okay, when I write it that way, it does sound incredibly bizarre. In reality, it’s just the business model for Good2Grow, a drink and snack brand based in the United States that emphasizes nutrition and fun with its products. The way they do that is by including collectible add-ons to the plastic packaging of their snack packs and juice or milk bottles. Nothing odd about that, a method that isn’t groundbreaking, but executed very well by this company with your children’s health in mind.

Previously, Bingo and Bluey joined the Good2Grow lineup of characters, becoming two of the hottest bottles to hunt for in supermarkets across the country. They were in good company, joined by characters spanning kids entertainment like Spongebob Squarepants, Marvel superheroes, Disney characters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Paw Patrol, and many more. However, now we know two more characters that might potentially join this line, and they happen to be from the world of Bluey!

Recently, a survey was sent to families by Good2Grow asking for them to weigh in about upcoming designs. Among those shown were images for a version of Bluey as the Granny named Janet, and another for Rusty, who was nearly the star of Bluey before the show took a different direction.

Keep in mind, none of these designs were approved or final, and aren’t guaranteed to become products. The eagle-eyed Bluey collector will immediately recognize that these aren’t 3-D renderings of an actual bottle, but the Moose action figures with straws photoshopped onto their heads. The purpose of the survey was to track info and see whether or not folks would want to spend their money on bottles with these characters on them. If they get approved, then we will how these items truly turn out.

We won’t know the results of this survey until the items hit stores, but this pair is an easy YES for me and a must-have for Bluey fans. The question is whether or not they will be popular enough compared to the other items Good2Grow shown during this survey (since this is technically a leak, we won’t be discussing any other items shown in that questionnaire).

Good2Grow makes many healthy products for kids (and adults) to consume, using their spill-proof spouts and organic ingredients to reduce both messes and sugar levels. Some of their juices also include vegetables in the recipe, to ensure your child is getting their daily required allotment of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, packaged in a delightful way that everyone enjoys.

Stay tuned for more updates about this product in the event it does happen – for real life!


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