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Fans Noticed This Huge Surprise in The Bluey Season 3 Finale Trailer, And Somebody Is Trying To Hide That

Bluey fans are counting down the days for the April 14th Bluey Season 3 finale “The Sign,” and we now know more than we did a few weeks ago about it. When it was first revealed, a mysterious trailer showed up featuring clips from the longest episode of Bluey ever, but it did little to explain much of anything. With the latest reveal, the entire fandom is gearing up for the wedding they’ve been waiting years to see.

While that’s been going on, some eagle-eyed Bluey lovers spotted something in the latest trailer that was changed for different audiences. This fan theory is purely speculation for now, but if what they saw was legit, this revelation is another huge change in the Bluey status quo. Spoiler alert – because if this is legit, you might not want to keep reading. But, if you don’t mind some speculation, get ready for something very big!

Bluey Season 3 Finale Trailer Reveals A Surprise

There are three trailers for the Season 3 finale that are essentially the same – versions for Australia, International audiences, and Disney – but with a few minor differences. On the ADULT Bluey Fans Facebook group, contributor Jake Martel noticed something unusual that was seemingly altered between the three of them, drawing attention to a huge surprise.

A screenshot during the trailer shows a moment from Rad and Frisky’s wedding with a very fired-up Stripe (and his dapper bowtie). On the right side of the screen of the Australian version, viewers will notice a character that resembles Aunt Brandy hanging out on the side. If that is in fact her, it’s hard not to notice the baby bump on her, showing us that Chilli’s sister is pregnant.

They also appear to be eating red velvet cake, which is made using cocoa powder (something dogs in real life shouldn’t eat), but let’s ignore that for the time being.

The International trailer, as well as the Disney one, zoom into this moment to crop out Brandy’s stomach and hide this potential surprise. If this turns out the way fans are hoping, the Season 3 finale will be even bigger than anyone could have anticipated!

Who is Aunt Brandy in Bluey?

Brandy first appeared in Season 3 in the episode “Onesies,” which was an emotionally devastating story for many viewers. While the main plot of the episode is Bingo channeling her inner Cheetah after being gifted a onesie by the aunt she hasn’t seen in years, the deeper part of the tale is the subtext about Brandy being unable to have a child of her own. Her depression from that prevented her from staying connected to her sister, Chilli, and not being a part of the kids lives until this episode. Things have a happy ending, as they tend to in Bluey cartoons, but that moment left fans wanting a bigger happy ending for this character many felt empathy towards.

Based on an earlier announcement from the BBC, we knew Rose Byrne (the voice of Brandy) would be coming back for this episode along with some other returning characters (and some brand new ones). That part isn’t a surprise, but her pregnancy is a huge shocker! It’s unlikely the popular Australian animated series will go into any detail on the how & why, especially considering how taboo Disney is on the topic of giving birth, but it’s a positive to see Brandy giving it a try again. Perhaps the fourth season will cue us to the outcome of this situation, but I know Bluey fans around the globe will be rallying for Brandy’s safe delivery of her first child!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some fans were less than thrilled about this potential news. Certain viewers (particularly ones who have firsthand experience with similiar issues as Brandy) were hoping she could find closure in other ways, whether that meant adoption or just finding acceptance.

Being a kids show, Bluey can’t go into many explicit details about adult matters, but the show has often alluded to fertility issues in previous episodes. Chilli’s side of the family in particular seems to be most affected by these, and it’s rare for children’s entertainment to even touch on them at all. Bluey will always be a trendsetter, finding the perfect way to cover a mature topic that doesn’t rock the boat for the little ones watching with their parents.

UPDATE: A day later, it seems the Australian version has edited out the moment mentioned in this article, adding more credence to this being legit and not just a theory!

Semi-related, a leak for an upcoming Bluey product from Moose Toys also seems tied to Brandy, making her a very in-demand character!

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the Bluey Season 3 finale here on Bluey News!


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