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Bluey’s life just changed in a shocking way: “Ghostbasket” Review & Reaction

We knew things would disrupt the status quo by the time Bluey’s third season came to a close. We just didn’t know how grand the scale would be, as the most recent episode has set the stage for some huge changes. Not only that, it signals that “The Sign” could be more conclusive than we initially thought.

On April 7, “Ghostbasket” debuted around the world as the lead-in to next week’s finale, “The Sign.” The episode that just aired has been discussed among fans for months, with many thinking this would be a Halloween episode. Instead, “Ghostbasket” was actually the story that sets the table for the extra-long episode that’s about to follow. While there were some spooky things happening, something far scarier wrapped up this short.

What’s “Ghostbasket” About?

The episode features Bandit as a “house selling guy” who is pretending to sell the Heeler family homestead to his prospective client, Monique (played by Chilli). The only problem is – the home is owned by the Grannies, and they refuse to leave! As Bandit tries his best to close the deal, Janet and Rita do their best to prevent the place from being bought, including a little Scooby Doo inspired magic of their own. A haunted basket (AKA the titular “Ghostbasket”) lurks in the shadows, and tries to scare everyone away. Unfortunately for the old dogs, Chilli won’t be deterred and buys the house.

Evicted from their home, The Grannies say a tearful goodbye to their memories and start to head to the old folks home, when Bandit suddenly has a change of heart. Sneaking into the backyard, he frightens Chilli by pretending to be a haunted wheelbarrow. This time, the plan works, and Chilli makes a hasty escape while the Grannies reclaim their house. The episode ends with a shot of the front of the home, as Bandit declares, “I can’t do this every time,” panning out to reveal a “For Sale” sign on their lawn.

Are the Heelers really Moving?

Turns out the rumors were indeed true, and the Heelers seem to be picking up their life and replanting themselves somewhere else. We don’t know anything beyond that at this point related to the move, such as what circumstances caused this sudden decision to be made. Some have speculated this could relate to “Stickbird” from earlier in Season 3, where Bandit was seen distressed throughout the entire episode. Perhaps whatever happened to him caused him to reconsider his job. It could also relate to Chilli’s occupation as airport security, or it could be something completely unrelated to work and might be something more personal – such as moving in with another family member. Others have suggested Chilli could be pregnant – or perhaps another character – and the family needs more space.

What we do know about “The Sign” is that this upcoming episode will address these events, while also giving fans the long anticipated wedding for Rad and Frisky. There are also some other rumors that have yet to be confirmed, including this one that may be a spoiler which also might have affected the decision to sell the family home. All we can do at this point is wait and see what happens next week…

Is This The End of Bluey?

This is one question we still don’t have an answer for, but all signs point to audiences getting an answer on April 14th. Typically, a house going up for sale tends to be how many sitcoms and TV shows end their series. If you look at nearly any sitcom from the past 50 years, most of those shows that have a finite ending and weren’t abruptly cancelled, the majority wrap with the characters moving away from the old sets and moving on to whatever comes next in their lives.

According to what we know about the show creators, Bluey will take a break after this season ends for an indeterminate amount of time. This will also give Ludo Studio the ability to focus on their next animated venture, but if they are indeed continuing, fans should have nothing to worry about. If Joe Brumm has decided to pull the rug out from under us, well…. that’s a different story.

On a lighter note, “Ghostbasket” marks the fifth appearance of the Grannies, and we hope this isn’t the last time we see them, or any of the familiar faces we’ve come to love on Bluey.

The Bluey Season 3 Finale, “The Sign,” airs on Disney+ and other platforms worldwide on April 14. 


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