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Fans Think A “Surprise” Bluey Episode is Coming After The Finale, and This is their Proof

As Bluey fans around the globe are waiting for the third season finale this weekend, some are already looking ahead to what comes next. No, we aren’t talking about the fourth season or a feature-length movie! There are rumors of an additional episode after “The Sign,” and this one would be quite a surprise – literally!

We’ve got some evidence that supports this fan theory, and it’s going to make Bluey fans delighted if it’s true. Let’s take a look at this potential episode that has yet to be advertised in any way, and figure out if this is fact or fiction!

Is There Another Bluey Episode After The Season 3 Finale?

For all intents and purposes, “The Sign” has been advertised as the highly anticipated third season finale, an extra-long extravaganza that will answer several questions, as well as putting the spotlight on Rad and Frisky as they tie the knot. However, some sleuths on social media have uncovered pieces from something else, leading them to believe there is still one more episode before this season finally comes to a conclusion.

The episode in question is purportedly titled “Surprise.” This seven-minute episode will be directed by Joe Brumm, the creator of Bluey, and there seems to be a decent amount of info regarding its story. Spoilers are ahead, so if you don’t want to know the synopsis for the episode, ignore the image below.

The important thing to note from this screenshot above is the air date, which is shown as April 21, 2024. This would be a week after “The Sign” airs, making it the fiftieth episode of the season. This has usually been reserved for the actual season finale, so while “The Sign” might wrap up some dangling threads and important storylines, “Surprise” will be the true clincher to this great season.

However, a random Google entry and a post on Reddit isn’t enough to label this as something factual, let alone treat it like it’s an upcoming episode. As it turns out, though, there actually is more evidence that points to “Surprise” as being the real deal. The truth is, some fans have known about this unseen episode for a very long time.

Is “Surprise” A Real Episode?

Here’s the part that is the true surprise. This episode seems to be legit.

The Bluey Wikipedia page lists “Surprise” as an authentic upcoming episode, and I consider them a reliable source when it comes to things like this. But it goes deeper than a fan-maintained site!

Parts from this episode were previously leaked some time ago, so curious fans who feel like hunting for this footage can eventually find it online. For the sake of anyone trying to stay truly spoiler-free, I won’t be linking it here or discuss anything about what I saw, but unless they were faking it with some astounding A.I. help, the animation and voices for it all were perfect matches.

But wait – there’s more! There might be another unaired episode that’s yet to air in an official capacity. This goes back to a Bluey leak I covered for Fatherly, which presented footage for what many thought was part of the season finale (mild spoilers incoming). This episode seemed to show a potential time jump, whether imaginary or real, and seemed like a logical way to wrap the season or even the entire series. What we don’t know is whether or not this duo is actually just one episode that’s been split for some reason due to how they were leaked, or if they are two completely separate tales.

If this “Surprise” episode is accurate, why have they kept it a secret? Simply put – because of the name of the episode is exactly what they want to achieve. This 50th episode might be intended to be the sigh of relief after a tense two-parter that had Bluey fans on the edge of their seat. Here’s hoping this one isn’t meant to be a series finale though, but we can ruminate more on that after “The Sign” airs.

As of now, these two leaked episodes seem to be credible. Whatever happens with them and whether or not they air as part of this season, or something entirely different, has yet to be revealed. The upside of this rumor is that more Bluey is on the way in some form or another, and that’s never a bad thing.

The Bluey Season 3 Finale, “The Sign,” airs on Disney+ and other platforms worldwide on April 14. 


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