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The Bluey House is Actually For Sale – For Real Life!

After the shocking events of “Ghostbasket,” we now know more about what the upcoming final episode of the season will be about. A wedding is just part of the story, because the Heelers are selling their family home that viewers have come to love for the past five years. It’s a massive change that has many believing this could be the end of Bluey forever, and if it isn’t – who knows what it means for the fourth season!

While the finale is just around the corner, a surprising listing was just found from a reputable source that features Bluey’s house for sale. It only adds more fuel to the fire when it comes to rumors, but this marketing ploy has fans of the show talking about many different things!

The Heeler House Has An Actual Real Estate Listing

A listing popped up on a website called Domain, which is an Australian real estate-selling company, for the actual Heeler home. If you don’t believe us, you can check it out over here. The brand, which is headquartered in Sydney, calls themselves the “leading Australian property marketplace made-up of a portfolio of brands,” and they can now add Bluey to list of clients.

The posting for the Heeler’s Brisbane home is loaded with references to the cartoon, concluding with a plug for the Season 3 finale “The Sign,” which debuts around the world on Sunday, April 14.


Here is the description from the listing:

“A quaint, animated family home nestled in an undisclosed Brisbane location, that could be in Red Hill or The Gap (we’ll never tell), with mid-century design aesthetics offset by whimsical touches. The quintessential Queenslander, radiating heritage charm, complete with upwards of 100 hidden small long dogs to be found.

Illustrated lovingly at the end of a cul-de-sac, this house sits atop a hill with views of Mount Coot-Tha. This 3 bedroom, 4 (ish) bathroom home boasts of work from home spaces, lovely period floorboards and mysterious hallways that don’t logically seem to join spaces together but always feel cohesive and purposeful. Perfect for endless play and games with the family.

The kitchen is flush with a cozy colour palette whilst featuring silky oak worktops that are perfect for most culinary feats (duck cakes excluded) and revered by fancy french chefs. Bi-fold doors provide an open flow to the large back deck, creating an airy and idyllic setting for Birthday parties, BBQ’s and Origin nights (QLD’s gunna FLOG YA).

Watch the 28-minute Bluey special episode The Sign at 8am on Sunday April 14, on ABC Kids and ABC iview. This is an exciting opportunity for all families around the world to see if this beloved, iconic house becomes home to a lucky new family.”

Seven photos of background interiors from the different rooms are presented as part of the listing. In case you’ve ever wondered about just how big their home is, the listing mentions three bedrooms, four bathrooms, one driveway, and measures at 800 square meters, or over 2600 square feet. The Heeler home really is bigger on the inside!


What might be the best Easter Egg on this listing is the name of the realtor – Bucky Dunstan. It looks like this bloke is the lucky dog who will be helping the Heelers sell the place, and I love how there is an actual image of him as part of this page. For those living in The Land Down Under, you can actually call the number shown on the website, which brings you to a voicemail with Bucky himself! That’s some serious commitment to a gag!

Can you really buy the house from Bluey?

Sorry to say – no, human beings can’t buy this fictional house from cartoon dogs! However, this is a brilliant way to promote the finale, and a great nod to the fans. Plus, who can afford a house that big in this economy?

This is the kind of thing that fans like us love to see. It drives more rumor and innuendo as the finale approaches, not that it needs it based on this potential spoiler. Even if somebody hasn’t heard of Bluey before (how is that even possible?), a real estate listing is such an odd but fitting choice to advertise an episode that it’s bound to garner loads of new attention to this cartoon’s potential swan song. While we still don’t know whether or not this episode will end up as a legit series finale or just the start of a new chapter in Bluey’s life, we do know it’s going out with a bang – one that could have that real estate sign shifting the lives of not just some cartoon dogs, but fans like us, as well.

The Bluey Season 3 Finale, “The Sign,” airs on Disney+ and other platforms worldwide on April 14. 


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