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Jonas Brothers surprise Australian Fans With Special Bluey Song

Currently, the Jonas Brothers are in the middle of their Five Albums, One Night Australian tour, and the popular band just impressed their fans in The Land Down Under with a surprise song that also happens to be a favorite for Bluey fans!

During a performance on March 6 in Brisbane, Australia (AKA the home of Bluey and her creators), the Jonas Brothers had a unique way to start their show after intermission. Their live band began to play a tune familiar to Aussies and practically everyone around the world, as the Bluey theme revved up the entire live crowd. Graphics above the stage with the Bluey font, similar to what you see on the top of this website complete with Bluey’s signature shade of blue, spelled out each of the brother’s names – Joe, Nick, and Kevin – as they walked back out.

When all three were on stage, the music reached its crescendo, ending with the final proclamation – “Jonas!” The crowd loved every second of it, and the moment went viral on social media, with some videos hitting over a million views in no time at all. What a cool way to show your love of the best Blue Heeler in animation history!

Watch video from the concert from social media below:


I was like whys this sound so familar! Heard one little part & thought “is it wings” nope its bloody bluey! Iconic. #jonasbrothers #bluey #blueytok #kevinjonas #joejonas #nickjonas #joe #nick #kevin #jonas #brisbane #Australia #brissy

♬ original sound – JackieWarner13

The brothers also hung out with Bluey’s composer Joff Bush, singer-songwriter Jazz D’Arcy, and Daniel O’Brien. This doesn’t seem to be a totally planned moment, however, as Pedestrian.TV reported:

During the show, Joe took a moment to go and chat to a random member of the massive crowd.

But it wasn’t just any random Queenslander, it was none other than Joff Bush, the man behind the catchy theme and all the other bangers you hear on Bluey.

After asking his name, Joe asks Joff “what do you do?”

“I wrote the music for Bluey,” Joff replied, to deafening cheers.

Jazz, Kevin, Joff, and Daniel. (Image: Supplied)

Not to be outdone, the official Jonas Brothers instagram shared a video with this song and an animation to accompany it that is just as wholesome as the live performance.

The official Bluey instagram page acknowledged this wild event, and even created a custom graphic to celebrate the moment.

The Jonas brothers are known to be big Bluey fans, and have discussed it in-depth ahead of their tour. When the last batch of new episodes from Season 3 came out, the family had a makeshift party to watch them together.

The Jonas Brothers have several more dates for their Australian tour, having completed performances in Sydney and Brisbane. Next up, they head to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on March 8 and 9.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that a celebrity has referened Bluey in her homeland. Two weeks ago at a WWE premium live event, one wrestler wore an outfit inspired by Chilli Heeler that had wrestling fans talking and sharing their joy of this animated series. Yes, even WWE fans love Bluey! Bluey started the year by dancing on the world’s heaviest steel arch bridge in Sydney (read more about that here).

The big question is – will the Jonas Brothers be joining a future episode of Bluey? With the amount of celebrity cameos rising in Season 3 of the show, perhaps Season 4 can have even more, including this iconic group.

While we wait for the answer to that question (which could be a long while), fans can look forward to the Bluey Season 3 finale coming very soon, with a surprise friend joining the party. It’s a great time to be a Bluey fan, and it’s wonderful to see how this pup and her family have crossed over into so many other areas beyond her cartoon!


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