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Bluey Just Had The Biggest Dance Mode Ever To Kick Off 2024

We know how much the Heelers loves to dance, whether at home or on the go. “Dance Mode” famously proved the lengths Bandit and Chilli would go to make their girls happy, popping and locking to the tunes of a street performer during the episode. Bluey and her family just performed on arguably their biggest stage ever – literally and figuratively – as they took part in a huge New Year’s extravaganza in their homeland of Australia.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ran their annual New Year broadcast live from Sydney, with the focus of this 2023 edition centered on Indigenous voices as part of their celebration. Before the event formally kicked off at 9 PM, families with kids who couldn’t stay up until midnight were treated to what’s been dubbed The Bluey & Bingo Moment.

At around 8:50 PM, the famous Aussie cartoon dogs were projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons and danced to the delight of everyone in attendance and the thousands watching at home. This wasn’t just a tiny cartoon – the characters were fit onto the 440 foot tall structures to be larger than life – and then some!

Check out the video below:

You can also view the official video on the ABC website.

The grannies came onto the scene first, ready to party! Chilli and Bandit took stage on the opposite pylons, and the family began to floss as an extended version of the Bluey theme song played. Families in attendance danced with their kids, while thousands at home did the same. Unable to figure out how to floss, mum and dad abandoned that dance and moved into a synchronized lawnmower, until it was time for the grand finale. The “Dance Mode” song kicked in, and the entire family danced and danced until their paws could handle no more.

While The Bluey & Bingo Moment may have only been about two minutes, it’s still an accomplishment unlike any other. Being a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the U.S. was already an astounding feat, but dancing for a New Year’s show in Australia on the world’s heaviest steel arch bridge is something no other cartoon can say they did. In case you’re curious, the bridge itself is shut down in both directions every new year’s from 11 PM to 1:30 AM. Can you imagine what it would be like to drive across that beautiful piece of architecture while Bluey and Bingo are flossing around you? Talk about life goals.

I can’t think of a better start to 2024 than seeing the Heelers in this truly epic way. My New Year’s resolution is to watch more Bluey (and to not spend my entire bank account on buying more Bluey merch). We hope your New Year will be a great one, filled with valuable life lessons and not slipping on beans!


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