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This Emotional Bluey Episode That Destroys Adults Is About To Be Made Into Toys

When we talk about leaks on this website, usually it’s related to an episode or something else. In this case, we’re talking toys, as someone just spotted listings for Bluey action figures from Moose Toys that are slated to be released this summer. None of these have been formally announced yet, but based on the info we’re seeing, there are some epic sets of various sizes and shape that will have everyone wanting to buy something. One in particular is based on a Season 3 episode that had adult fans sobbing for days – an odd choice that makes us want to know more.

The images below were discovered by Evee Hilton via a Bluey Facebook group for adult fans, who wrote the following on her post:

“Canadian Bluey moms! Spotted some preorders on Amazon! Looks like 2 small figure packs, a bigger one and a new playset!”

While this fan might live in the Great White North, it’s a given that these products will also end up stateside among other places. Let’s break down what these packs will include and which episodes they’re inspired from.

First up is a new addition to the two-packs, this one titled “Fishing with Grandad.” It’s a given that this set will include Chilli’s dad, who’s been featured in “Grandad” and “Phones.” We can speculate that a younger version of Chilli could be packaged with her father, who is making his Moose Toys figure debut in this set, but it’s most likely going to be Bluey or Bingo dressed with a hat and a fishing rod accessory.

Next up, we have a large playset that’s been leaked. The “Birthday Celebration Home Playset” is a higher priced item, since it will include figures and the Heeler home in some form. How it will be represented is still to be determined, as this has been released previously when the line debuted, and later in an updated and much larger version with electronics.

The figures will surely include a Bingo and I wouldn’t be shocked if we got a figure of Nana Heeler, too, who was first released as part of a two-pack with Bluey and Bartleby accessory as well as the Extended Heeler Family multipack that also included Muffin, Socks, Stripe, and Rad.

I think it’s safe to speculate that some of Bingo’s friends will be part of this, such as Lila and Missy, but the rest of the pack is up in the air. Here’s the link to this set on Canadian Amazon.

Unfortunately, this mysterious four-pack has no discernible info included, so there’s no use in even trying. It could be anyone or anything, so we will be pleasantly surprised once this one is revealed. The S10 in the listing isn’t really a clue to anything – it’s just part of how the item is filed on Amazon. In other words, don’t read too much into anything here because there isn’t any actual news to share about it.

Now, this one is a doozy! This two-pack is listed as “Animal Costumes” and there’s only one episode this could possibly be based around.

Season 3’s “Onesies” is highly regarded for causing many a viewer to weep uncontrollably, and it’s overdue that this episode was immortalized in action figure form. Until we have in-package pictures to verify who will be turned into toys, this one is a bit enigmatic. Many collectors would love to add an Aunt Brandy to their collection, and Bingo in her cheetah onesie would be a shoe-in, but this could just be the young Heeler girls in their respective outfits, including Bluey in her zebra costume.

Or, we could all be wrong and this is just a random set with outfits unrelated to the episode. For now, this one is the talk of the forums as everyone waits with nervous anticipation to find out who will be part of this two-pack.

In the same Facebook thread, another fan posted this, revealing a 3-in-1 airplane playset. As of now, Bluey has never been shown in a vehicle other than her parents’ car. That hasn’t stopped Moose Toys from making other vehicles, including the car and helicopter from Season 2’s “Escape”, or a garbage truck briefly seen in “Bin Night.” These days, the company is even making completely imaginary items such as the Fire Truck.

What this playset will be like is another mystery, but based on that very high price-tag of $89.99, this one is going to be huge! This number is similar to the Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse, so we can probably expect some electronics as part of this, too. Here is the Canadian Amazon link for this item.

All of these items will be available for preorder on July 15, 2024 in Canada, and likely the United States around the same time. We’re excited to see what everything will be, along with any additional toys that pop up around the same time. Stay tuned for the latest news about these and other toys on


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