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Sneakerheads Are About To Flip Out Over These Bluey Hi-Tops

I don’t collect sneakers, because between you and me – I’ve already got way too things to collect and not enough space for them all. But, it might be the perfect time to dig into shoes right now thanks to this latest piece of merch that recently debuted online. A pair of very unique-looking Bluey hi-tops just showed up on Hot Topic’s website, with a design featuring the Heeler sisters and some very sleek bonuses. Let’s take a look at these and see if they’re worth adding to your Bluey collection!

Air Blueys

These shoes were just released very recently with seemingly no warning, and I wish there had been one! The majority of sneakers available on the market related to Bluey are usually only for little kids. Sure, they’re cute, but what about the adult fans who want to rock some sweet kicks while supporting their favorite Australian animated series? Hot Topic has come to the rescue with this new set of sneakers featuring some familiar faces on them. You’ve got to see these to believe they exist – and they actually look pretty cool. Believe it or not, these characters transition into footwear surprisingly well!

Here is the official product info for the Bluey & Bingo Figural Hi-Top Sneakers:

Hurray! New hi-tops shaped like Bluey and Bingo! These hi-top sneakers show Bluey on one side and Bingo on the other, with the tongues of the shoes made to look like their faces. The laces have charms that say “Keepy” on one side, and “Uppy” on the other. Their names appear on the back.

This product is being sold for women’s feet coming in sizes 6-12, with the top section made with Polyurethane while the soles are rubber. It has a suggested retail price of 44.99, not counting tax and shipping.

I love the markings both sneakers have, featuring the colored spots seen on their bodies. What the description fails to mention is the red balloon keychain on Bluey’s shoe, a throwback to one of the earliest episode in the first season, “Keepy Uppy.”

These sneakers are available exclusively through Hot Topic at this link here. No official word on whether or not they are available in brick and mortar locations, but in case they are, check your local stores to see if they do. In most cases, Hot Topic stores can order things from the site and have them delivered to that location, but that’s only if that item is available. Speaking of…

How do I get these Hot Topic Bluey sneakers?

Unfortunately, these shoes are currently sold out on Hot Topic’s website. That doesn’t mean they won’t come back in stock, and they likely will due to how popular they proved to be. However, we don’t have an inkling of when that will happen. It’s a good thing Bluey fans have a super-heroic level of patience, so keep checking the site every now and then to see if these suddenly reappear. Additionally, you can also add it to your Hot Topic wishlist on their site and keep tabs on it that way.

Besides these sneakers, Hot Topic’s Bluey inventory also includes shirts, plushies, backpacks, socks, jewelry, and a few toys. Most of the apparel is gendered for women, which seems to be an annoying trend for a lot of merchandise in that category. Hopefully, we start to see a change in that trend as the year goes on, making Bluey more accessible to everyone who wants to show their fandom of the Heelers!

This is Bluey’s first time on a pair of hi-tops intended for adults, and will hopefully be a sign of things to come for the franchise. Can you imagine if a major shoemaker created an exclusive limited-edition pair of sneakers with Bluey on them? Or better yet – Bluey Jordans! The money is practically printing itself!


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