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Bluey Youtooz Revealed, But They Might Not Be Made Without Your Help

While Moose Toys is out here making new Bluey action figures and plush toys, a few other companies are producing very cool collectibles beyond the typical products. One specialty toy maker has just shown off something very special for fans of this top-ranked Australian animated series, and it has fans already in an excited uproar.

Youtooz is a vinyl collectibles manufacturer who specialize in items based around internet pop culture, such as memes and content creators. They also make items for licensed IP’s, including the Chainsaw Man anime, Futurama, Five Nights at Freddy’s, South Park, and even some Marvel Comics characters.

Over on the official YouTooz TikTok account, images were shown for the first time of Bluey Youtooz products. Fans were quick to grow excited over this reveal, but there was one caveat to this post. These are not officially reveals, and they aren’t leaks either.

Youtooz posted illustrations of these potential products to ask the fans whether or not they were interested in anything from this franchise. The company seems to do this frequently to gauge interest, and it’s a great way to keep their customers involved in how things get done behind the scenes.

Drawings were shown featuring Bingo, Bluey, and – unexpectedly – Uncle Stripe. Yup, you read that right. No Chilli or Bandit, who are typically among the first four characters from the show to become any piece of merchandise. This may have been done to keep other characters a surprise, while also showing how deep Youtooz would go in terms of depth with the Bluey roster.

Many expect these to be plush toys and not vinyl, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t do both. Technically, two companies already have the rights to make stuffed animals – Moose Toys and Jazwares – so I don’t see why a specialty vinyl toymaker couldn’t also produce Bluey in their signature style.

Fan support in the comments were resounding, with most people very excited to see these illustrations. The mere thought of having Bluey Youtooz had people ready to start throwing money at the toy company, and I can admit – I’m among that group hurling wads of cash at my computer screen. One of the downsides of this company

No further details were given by Youtooz in regards to what kind of support would be needed to push these from dreams to a reality, but if the happy fans were any indication – there’s a solid chance Bluey will get the vinyl treatment from them sooner than later.

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