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This Trekkie Took Bluey Fan Art Where No Heeler Has Gone Before

Fan artists love to create crossovers between unexpected franchises, and that can lead to some very interesting illustrations. Perhaps, in this case, that combination is “truly fascinating,” as one cartoonist merged a pair of unique brands that may have a secret connection to the Heeler universe.

Over in the Hammerbarn Facebook group, Ellie Frost posted a trio of images that combine the best of both worlds – Star Trek and Bluey!

Her spouse, Aiden, made these illustrations, which include Bingo, Bluey, and Jean Luc dressed in different Starfleet uniforms. Bingo is seen wearing the science uniform from Lower Decks, Bluey has the classic command yellow as seen in the original series with Captain Kirk, and Jean Luc is appropriately dressed in the costumes worn in the Paramount + series, Picard.

These are some great choices, and I wasn’t expecting to see the characters dressed up in the modern series outfits! It also keeps up the tradition of cartoon characters wearing shirts but not pants, which might not be Starfleet regulation, but I think the brass will let it slide for these pups.

Fans in the Facebook group are eager to see more, and are curious to see who will be wearing what uniforms and colors. I think Indy would make a great counselor on a Galaxy-class starship, and The Terriers would excel as security officers. Muffin, however, would make for a truly frightening Borg Queen, so let’s hope she never gets assimilated – although it would be adorable to hear her say “Resistance is futile!”

Darmok and Bluey

Believe it or not, there may be a Star Trek connection to Bluey hiding in one of the most revered episodes of the cartoon.

In the first season episode “Camping,” Bluey meets a dog named Jean Luc who speaks only French, making it very difficult for the two to communicate. Despite things initially being lost in translation, the two friends discover how to overcome this obstacle and become best friends. However, Bluey’s heart is broken after Jean Luc’s family packs up and leaves the camping site unbeknownst to her, but as the family returns each year, their relationship blooms all the way into a time jump years later that shows teenage versions of both of these pups by the episodes’ end.

It’s a very sweet episode, and Trekkies who also love Bluey instantly realized there may be more than meets the eye to this one. It reminded many of the fourth season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Darmok”, which featured a certain French-speaking captain named Jean Luc struggling to communicate with an alien species who only speaks in metaphor. Much like “Camping, “Darmok” is considered a classic among TNG fans, and the parallels are easy to see.

We look forward to seeing more of Aiden’s artwork, and thank Ellie for sharing it with all of the Bluey fans around the world, and the entire Alpha Quadrant!

If you enjoyed this fanart, you may also this Hayao Miyazaki-inspired Bluey fan art!


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