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This Miyazaki-inspired Bluey Fanart is Amazing

One of the best things about any fandom is the artwork made by the community of people who love a particular thing. The diverse audience around Bluey means there is no shortage of unique illustrations, each executed in a way that’s special to that particular artist.

Besides being a fan of the popular Australian animated series, I’ve also been an anime fan since I was a pup, and it always excites me to see Bluey crossover with this distinct Japanese style. Today, we’re looking at a piece of art from someone who combined two extremely wholesome franchises and squeezed it into one adorable drawing. We’re calling this one “My Neighbor Chattermax.”

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 classic, My Neighbor Totoro, this drawing pays homage to the film by replacing its key characters with some other familiar faces. In place of Satsuki, we have Bluey, and Bingo takes the role of Satsuki’ sister, Mei. This scene references when the girls are waiting for a bus in the rain, which the enormous Totoro happens to be waiting for, as well. Only this time around, the giant critter is an oversized Chattermax!

Personally, I’m not sure how I would feel standing next to that huge Furby lookalike, but since their mouth is closed – I’m willing to tolerate it for a little bit. My big question, however, is what magical means of transportation will stop at the bus stop? We know cats are around in some capacity in Bluey’s world, thanks to Muffin’s favorite show, Cat Squad. However, we haven’t really seen what they look like, nor do we know if they’re real or not according to this dog-filled universe. Maybe that’s a question for a different post…

The illustration was created by an artist who goes by the nickname Donut Toast. Their real name is Josh, and according to their Tumblr page, they love to draw “fanart, character designs, cutesy/horror art and general OC-related (Original Content) stuff.” They’re very talented, and have created a few other Bluey drawings and animations on their page that I recommend taking a look at.

Because this drawing is fanart and the artist doesn’t want to incur the wrath of the copyright owners, Donut Toast is offering it as a hi-res download for free on their website. You can follow this link here if you’d like to grab a digital copy for yourself.

If you’d like to support this artist and all of their work, you can donate to them directly through Paypal.

Based on a recent post, they also may be contributing to a Bluey zine with some other fans, which seems like a worthy cause to check out. If you’re an artist and want to team up with them, head over to their Tumblr page and read about the details.

If you are an artist or creator who specializes in Bluey content, or know someone who is, and would like to be featured on this site, visit our contact page to send us a tip.


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