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Bluey Was All Elite When She Showed Up For This Pro Wrestling Event

There are hardcore Bluey fans, and then there are hardcore pro wrestling fans! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m part of both fandoms, and it’s fascinating to meet other members of the community whose interests also intersect like this. It’s not as uncommon as you might think, and if you don’t believe me – I’ve got some proof for you. It turns out Bluey just became All Elite, as she turned up at an AEW TV show looking larger than life and ready for a fight.

On the December 23rd edition of AEW Collision on TBS, Bluey was spotted in the crowd during several segments of the show. A Redditor screen grabbed this moment from the closing moments of the episode, which saw Andrade El Idolo compete against Eddie Kingston in a match for the Continental Classic Blue League – a round-robin tournament taking place on this show and AEW Dynamite on Wednesday nights to determine who will compete in the finals to become AEW’s first triple-crown champion.

After Eddie Kingston defeated Andrade, Bryan Danielson walked out to confront the winner and his next opponent for the following TV show. Smack dab in between these grapplers was a cardboard cut-out of Bluey. This is what happens when an immovable object meets the irresistible force, because nobody is more irresistible than Bluey!

Clearly, Bluey can’t wait to see the showdown between these two Ring of Honor veterans. Also worth noting, the lady to the right of the Bluey sign is wearing Bluey ears on her head. In a place where people regularly dress up as “Macho Man” Randy Savage or Dusty Rhodes, she fit right in!

It was a very busy night for the young Heeler, who was probably up well past her bedtime. This same cutout was spotted throughout the show, including standing behind Keith Lee during his in-ring promo, and earlier on Collision when she appeared behind Claudio Castagnoli ahead of his match against Danielson.

This isn’t the first time somebody brought a Bluey sign into the crowd during an AEW event. Back in September, one fan in the front row held this sign during a match featuring Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) VS Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho, which read “Bingo & Bluey are better than Aussie Open.” That’s a tag team match I’d pay money for. Can Fletcher and Davis overcome Bingo’s featherwand? They can’t fly off the top rope if they’re too heavy!

My personal favorite has to be this moment, however, when one fan brought in a Bluey Combat Club sign, referencing the Blackpool Combat Club stable led by William Regal. Imagining the team of Bluey, Bingo, Rusty, and Muffin as British strong-style wrestlers is quite a troubling thought. Muffin is truly the hardcore icon of the team and the most ultra-violent force in professional wrestling, and would probably give Mox a run for his money.

Bluey and Bingo are doing double duty these days, as the Heeler pups were also shown in the audience during WWE live events. Earlier this year, Johnny Gargano wore Bandit-inspired gear while wrestling in the Elimination Chamber event, and Bingo popped up during a Smackdown show, looking ready to take on Roman Reigns to become the new Tribal Chief. Someone with a Bluey balloon (possibly the same person) also got involved in the action, which saw AJ Styles rescue the pup from Grayson Waller.

Perhaps Bluey and Bingo appearing on both WWE and AEW shows proves they’re the hottest free agents in the industry, and we are just waiting to see if Vince McMahon or Tony Khan signs them to lucrative wrestling deals.


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