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Bluey Gets Reanimated In A Wild Way By TikToker

Social media is a great way to find some amazing Bluey fanart, but a treat that’s even more rare is fan animations. These take a lot more time to make, so they’re more uncommon to find. But, when you do find one, you know it’s going to be something special.

Just recently, I came upon the work of Doodles Art, AKA Artsdoodle on TikTok. There isn’t much biographical information on who this cartoonist is, but their work is endearing and adorable. What they’re doing is reanimating short scenes from Bluey in their chibi style, with a rough and raw look that adds a load of personality to their art. While it might be odd at first to see this Australian animated series drawn differently than what we’re used to, it’s surprising how well Doodle Arts’ version fits its tone.

Check out their most recent piece below, which features a clip from Season 3’s “Show and Tell”:

So far, you can find eight animated shorts on their various pages, but here are a few more favorites of mine to get you interested.

I think this was the first clip from Doodle Arts I saw online, and I feel like it’s the one that put them on the map of Bluey fans everywhere. The original clip comes from “Musical Statues” (which you can see here), and it’s the perfect choice for the way this artist draws. It was already a hilarious clip to begin with, but now it’s infinitely better in this style.

I’m a sucker for anything Muffin, and this reanimated clip from “Library” is perfect. There’s also a video from “Pizza Girls” on their page, and that one is just as good as this. Basically, the more Muffin – the better!

This one isn’t from any Bluey episodes, but is an homage to the voice of Bandit, Dave McCormack. For those who don’t know, before McCormack provided his voice for the popular animated series, he was the frontman for an Australian band called Custard. The video above features a song called “Pinball Lez” from the album “We Have the Technology,” with Bluey wildly dancing to the tune. It’s a nice inside joke for Bluey fans, and a rocking way to introduce others to the band.

I’m excited to see what comes next from this artist, and watch their abilities evolve over time. But, if I could have one request – it’s more Muffin, please! The beautiful chaos that is Bluey’s cousin needs to be unleashed, and the energetic style of Doodle Arts is a great way to contain that chaos in bite-sized TikToks.

If you want to check out more from Doodle Arts, follow them on YouTube and Twitch in addition to their TikTok page.


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