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This Bingo Breakfast Looks Good Enough To Eat, But It’s Actually A Toy

We’re big fans of Bluey toys, and have been collecting them since Moose Toys launched the series. What really interests me is when customizers try their hands at making something new and exciting with the products currently on the market. Likewise, I also enjoy seeing folks try their hand at making a Duck Cake or other food items inspired by the popular Australian animated series. On this rare occasion, one member of the fandom seemingly combined these two areas into one very cute custom item that you’ll wish you could have – and with a little bit of work, you can make one of your own.

Bingo Breakfast Time

Over in the Facebook group, Indy’s Mum’s Secret Stash, a member named Nikki Marie posted this image of an adorable Bingo breakfast. The only problem is – you can’t actually eat it! Turns out this was a miniature toy that they customized, transforming it into something Bluey fans everywhere would love.

Nikki wrote: “Any miniverse collectors in here? This is a remix I just did! Bingo toast, some eggs, and of course had to add sausage with tomato sauce!”

One user asked Nikki if they “used the healthy tomato sauce or the beautiful one,” referring to the hilarious line from Season 3’s “Show and Tell.” Nikki quipped back and responded “pretty sure it’s the beautiful one.”

This cute brekkie was made using Make It Mini, a toyline from MGA Entertainment. These products are sold in the style of a blind box toy, meaning a buyer has no idea what they are getting until they open it. It’s a mystery, and that’s half the fun of it! But, the real experience begins once you discover what’s inside, which are various items or products that are customizable with resin that users can cure themselves to produce a one-of-a-kind collectible that they partly made themselves. It’s a very cool concept and a very popular item with young kids and adults. After looking at what Nikki made, it’s easy to understand why.

Make a Bingo Breakfast with Make It Mini

This item isn’t exactly what you get when you buy one of these products. This is a custom or kitbash using parts from different sets to make something brand new and unique. In case you’re curious, here is Nikki’s recipe for her resin breakfast: “I used the french toast, peanut butter resin, bananas, blueberries, and the nose is whipped cream with a cherry but I colored it blue with a sharpie!”

What might be difficult to tell from the photo is just how tiny this actually is. Make It Mini’s are around 1:16 scale, which is somewhere between a six-inch action figure (like a Marvel Legends or WWE Elite figure) and a 3 3’4″ action figure (such as a classic GI Joe from the 90s). In other words, it’s a very tiny miniature that could fit in with anyone out there who collects toys in a similar size. In other words, my Roman Reigns figure is going to have a healthy Bingo breakfast with my Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker and my Jada Toys Street Fighter Chun-Li – and I’m going to be very jealous of all of them.

MGA’s Miniverse line has grown to be quite expansive, and includes DIY blind ball toys for restaurants, cafes, lifestyle products, and appliances to name a few. They even have some seasonal products, which right now includes an Easter tie-in with Willy Wonka.

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