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This Exclusive Bluey Item Is Precisely What We Need After the Holidays

As stores slowly recover from the post-holiday season toy onslaught, new items are beginning to pop up in stores across the country. Some folks are reporting more Bluey story packs in Five Below stores, while Wal-Mart has a timely new plushies and other items ahead of Easter. This includes Bluey, who had a tremendous 2023 holiday season with their Squishmallows, Bluey video game, and the Moose Toys action figures.

Speaking of, it looks like Moose is back in action with some debuting products that are now beginning to pop up, and their latest is a very smart item for collectors. The downside is – this item is exclusive to only one particular store in the United States.

The product we’re talking about today was spotted by Joseph Aloysius Cassidy in the “Adult Bluey Fans” Facebook group, who discovered this item in a Target store on the East Coast.

The Bluey Play & Go collector case is a traveling storage system to put your Moose Toys mini-figures in when your kids (or you) aren’t playing with them. Featuring Bingo and Bluey on the front, it also includes eight figures in this set including Mackenzie, Jack, Rusty, CoCo, Bluey and Bingo (because you can’t have a carrying case with their picture on it and not include them).

What makes this case extra special is the inclusion of Jean-Luc and Lucky, two figures that haven’t been repackaged as much as the other buddies. Jean Luc was previously only available with the RV camper set or bundles including the camper, while Lucky has only been in the beach pack and Ultimate Light & Sounds playhouse to date. Both of those items were Target exclusives, meaning Lucky will elude anyone who doesn’t have one of those stores in their area.

The case (in Bluey’s signature hue) also doubles as a place for kids to play with their figures, and features a watermelon rug play-mat decal on the inside to offer a small scene within it. That rug is the same one seen inside Bluey and Bingo’s room in their house, and one that I hope to one day add to my living room – for real life! This decal is not removable, but the upshot is it should already be placed inside the toy before you buy it (meaning parents won’t have to apply any stickers with their own hands). It retails for a suggested price of $29.99.

The interesting thing to note about this is, upon closer inspection, Jean Luc and Lucky share the same mold but are painted differently. Is this just lazy toymaking? Not at all, and it’s a fairly common practice with every toy, from dolls to plushes and figures. As one Redditor recently reminded everyone, both dogs are from the same breed (labradors), so it makes some sense to use one figure for two characters.

This seems like the perfect post-holiday season toy to put on the market. With everyone’s Bluey figure collection growing in the past few years, it’s nice to have a cool way to hold the figures, and bring them on the road if you or your little one need some Bluey on the go. It will also make it easier to keep track of these little guys. We all know the worst thing that can happen is finally buying one of those rare characters to mysteriously lose it a few days later. Parents, you know this pain all too well, so consider this another step to prevent that from happening.

Carrying cases are also a real throwback item, and were always a treasure to have as a kid. I still have my vintage Star Trek: The Next Generation carrying case from Playmates, along with ones for my Hot Wheels cars and G.I. Joe figures. It’s fun to see this concept brought back into modern toys, and the added value of it being a playset makes it even better.

You can order this Bluey Play & Go collector case exclusively from Target using this link here.

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