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New Bluey Plushes Are Arriving in this Store Just in Time for Easter

It’s surprising to thank that there hasn’t been a ton of holiday-specific Bluey merch since the show began. We’ve mainly seen advent calendars for the winter holidays, and Bluey had her first Halloween decoration last year, too. Beyond that, there isn’t much else yet. The only holiday we’ve seen Bluey celebrate on the show besides Christmas is Easter, and it looks like 2024 is going to be a big year for this Blue Heeler pup in one specific store.

This year, Wal-Mart seems to be the one-stop shop for all things Easter and Bluey. This multinational retail chain of supercenters has been selling Bluey toys, apparel, bed sheets, and everything in between since the license was available in America. Now, they’re deepening their reach with holiday-themed products, and their Easter offerings might have you braving those big aisles more frequently this spring.

The key item this year are a variety of new plush toys, coming in three different sizes. The most eye-catching one to me is the medium-sized plushies, featuring Bluey and Bingo with a pink bunny mask. The Wal-Mart website claims they’re “bunny glasses,” but I don’t know – that looks like a mask to me!

Both stuffed toys are 10″ tall, and sell for around $15-20 in stores and online. I’m using a range of prices here because this has been a hot item, and if you’re using the website, the price may vary as their site allows third-party vendors to sell whatever they want at any price they want. Use this link here if you want to see how much they are currently selling for on Wal-Mart’s website.

There are also some smaller plush keychains with Bluey holding a soft Easter egg that retails for around $4, but those don’t appear to be available online anywhere outside of eBay. Consider that as a final option if you don’t have a reliable Wal-Mart near you, but considering how mass produced these plushies will be, I’d hold off and just keep checking the aisles whenever you go into the store.

In addition to the smaller plushes, Wal-Mart had this larger exclusive item. Bluey has an Easter basket of her own, although it looks more like a bag to me. Either way, it’ll make for a cute gift when filled with some easter eggs or candy (which will hopefully detract from them realizing this plus has arms as long as an orangutan). Standing almost two feet tall, this plush (spotted in the wilds of Wal-Mart by Chad Ostrander from the Bandits Facebook group) retails for $25.00, and when you consider the size of this Bluey, that seems like a decent deal.

Wal-Mart is also selling easter baskets, an Easter-themed craft book, and an “activity egg” filled with rolls of stickers, stamps, an activity sheet, crayons, and other artsy goodies.

This isn’t Bluey’s first time celebrating Easter in regards to merch. Moose Toys has repacked their Bingo and Bluey figures with a small easter basket to carry them, which has been sighted in stores like Five Below. That product also included a small sticker sheet in lieu of a plastic accessory, and they remain a cute way to spruce up an Easter basket.

As to what holiday will be next on Bluey’s list, your guess is as good as mine. I think we are going to see more season-specific items throughout the next few years instead of centering on holidays, but if I had my wish – it would be more Halloween stuff with Bluey!

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