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Bluey Star Reveals Their Favorite Episode of Series

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to anything – movies, books, or TV shows. For Bluey fans, there are nearly 150 episodes to choose from, and our unbiased opinion is there really aren’t any bad ones among the lot. Some could be considered better than others, but as far as favorites go, the conversation typically swings toward one direction. When one Bluey star was asked about her favorite, there was no hesitation in telling us what many already knew.

Melanie Zanetti is the voice of Chilli Heeler on Bluey, and was recently interviewed by Yahoo! Australia with some hard-hitting questions. The Bluey star had no difficulties coming up with an answer when she was asked what her favorite episode of Bluey was, and her response didn’t surprise anybody.

Check out the video below:

Here is the quote from Melanie:

“My favorite is “Sleepytime”. I love it so much! I recorded it, I knew what was going to happen, but I wept when I saw that episode. There’s so many brilliant episodes that were released recently. “Cricket” is such a wonderful episode. I don’t even care about cricket but that got me in the feels. “Baby Race,” Flat Pack” are some of my favorites. “Hammerbarn,” “Tradies,” one of the Season 3 ones, “Escape.” There are just so many wonderful episodes, so I’ll be really interested to see what other people love as well.”

The curious thing will be to see what Australian fans choose as their favorite Bluey episodes, as the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is planning a huge marathon of the series on November 19, 2023 called Bluey Fest. Fans from The Land Down Under will be able to vote and help determine which one is the favorite of Bluey’s home country.

Consider this Melanie’s endorsement for “Sleepytime,” but she mentioned many other beloved episodes that could take the prestigious top spot during Bluey Fest.

UPDATE: We now know what claimed the #1 spot during Bluey Fest along with the entire top 100 rankings, and it was a shocker!

“Sleepytime” is considered by most Bluey fans as their favorite episode, and usually the one that caused them to cry the hardest. It’s usually a turning point for adult fans, an unexpected and beautiful tearjerker that deserves all the accolades it’s been given. Its director, Richard Jeffery, won an Australian Directors’ Guild Award for it in 2021, and the episode nabbed the 2022 Prix Jeunesse International Award in the category of TV – Up to 6 Years Fiction (Children’s). Bluey also won an International Emmy award in 2020, but if my notes are correct, that happened before “Sleepytime” was released.

Winning trophies is great, but the real achievement is what it’s done to help connect families, and gives adults a much-needed seven minutes of therapy with the helping paws of a family of cartoon dogs.


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