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Australia Voted For Their Favorite Bluey Episode And It’s Not What You Think

There are many great episodes of Bluey, and it’s difficult to narrow down a list of what my top ten would be. By the time season three wraps, there will be around 150 episodes of the series available to watch, with more hopefully on the way in 2024 and beyond. This weekend in Bluey’s home country of Australia, one TV network attempted to rank the top 100 Bluey episodes as voted by the fans, and the results were surprising.

“Bluey Fest” was done by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and had their viewers rank their favorites across the entire three seasons, leading up to a massive countdown marathon this past weekend. Over 50,000 people voted and made their voices heard, leading to interesting results. The episodes that cracked the upper echelon were surprising, with a few personal favorites of mine ranking much lower on the list than I’d expect. Several of the higher-ranked episodes haven’t even aired outside of Australia and in America yet! In fact, the number one episode is one of those, and unless you’re from The Land Down Under, you might disagree.

Let’s find out which Bluey episode was voted the favorite of Australia, and break down these rankings!

What Were The Top Ten Bluey Episodes in Australia?

It’s hard not to take it personal when your favorite doesn’t make this list, and sadly 50 episodes in the Bluey universe had to be left out. However, the top tier had some legit contenders, running the gamut from silly to sincere. In what many Americans would consider a shocking upset, “Sleepytime” didn’t take the number one position, and was somehow relegated to fourth place. The champion of this Bluey battle royale was an episode near and dear to the hearts of Australians.

Top 10 Bluey Episodes from Bluey Fest 2023

  1. Cricket
  2. Baby Race
  3. Granny Mobile
  4. Sleepytime
  5. Grannies
  6. Camping
  7. Dance Mode
  8. Rain
  9. Christmas Swim
  10. Bin Night

“Cricket” is the final episode of the third season, not counting the upcoming season finale. This episode has not aired outside of Australia yet, making it even more mysterious to American fans who have no idea what this one is about. Spoiler alert – it’s not about bugs! That one is titled “Slide,” but I digress.

“Cricket” is an episode all about our favorite Red Kelpie, Rusty, and focuses on his love of the sport of Cricket and how it relates to his family. Australians went wild for this episode dedicated to the UK’s top bat-and-ball sport, with many references to real-life Cricket players. You don’t need to know much about the sport to follow the central storyline, which is to never stop moving forward when faced with adversity, a lesson that Rusty passes down to his little sister by the episode’s end.

It’s a heart-warming and fun tale that combines the deeper messages fans love from this show along with some hearty laughs, and I’m nervously anticipating the day it arrives on Disney+ to an audience that knows very little about this game.

Surprising Choices

While there might have been a bit of a bias in Australia for the #1 choice (and understandably so, no hard feelings from me), the rest of this list is fairly spot on as far as I’m concerned. I won’t lie and say that I’m shocked “Sleepytime” wasn’t at least second, but “Baby Race” is an amazing episode that speaks to some heavy topics, while “Granny Mobile” is just simply an outrageous episode that needs to be seen. Unfortunately, that’s another one that hasn’t come to the U.S. just yet, but I promise you’ll love it when it does!

There’s another episode that American fans won’t be seeing anytime soon, and that’s not because it’s from that cluster of soon-to-air unreleased episodes. Falling into the #34 position on this countdown was “Dad Baby,” which remains the only episode of Bluey banned in the U.S. In it, Bandit pretends to be pregnant with baby Bingo to mock his wife, telling her that having a baby isn’t hard. Bandit goes through the physical struggles of carrying a child, finding out that it’s more difficult than he thought, before the episode ends with Bandit going into faux-labor and giving birth to Bingo.

It’s a very funny episode and it’s a shame many people won’t see it. The upside is you can still find it as a bonus feature on the official Bluey Season 1 & 2 DVD set, so if you haven’t watched this one, we recommend using this method to see it and others in their original formats.

Some of the infamous censored episodes also made the list, including “Daddy Robot,” “Army,” and “Flat Pack.”

You can view the entire list of the top 100 at this link here. I’d love to see what would happen if Disney ran a “Bluey Fest” of their own to see how American fans would vote for their favorites. I doubt “Cricket” would claim the top slot again, but considering how the top ten panned out, anything could happen.

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