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This WWE Superstar Disrespected Bluey During A Live Wrestling Show

If there is one thing that Bluey has taught us, it’s that conflicts are best resolved through words than fists. This week, the Heeler girls didn’t get the memo, because this episode of Bluey is called “Smackdown.”

On this past Friday’s edition of WWE Smackdown (July 21, 2023), Bluey made a surprise appearance at the event. No, she didn’t do a run-in with a steel chair to save the babyfaces, but the young pups appeared in the crowd, much to the delight of wrestling fans and internet memers.

A fan sitting in the front row brought oversized balloons of Bingo and Bluey to the Orlando live show, sporadically waving them in the air in hopes they’d show up on-screen. It’s a good thing this member of the WWE Universe was sitting on the hard camera side, because he had very little trouble making sure the characters had their time in the spotlight. Bingo was seen throughout the episode, including the dramatic face-to-face between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. It’s safe to say there’s a new Bloodline in WWE now with the Heeler family, and fans should acknowledge their new Tribal Chief!

Bingo also appeared prominently during the Charlotte Flair VS Iyo Sky match, as well as the fatal four-way bout that kicked off Smackdown. Charlotte might be the Queen of the Ring, but I doubt she’d be able to handle Bingo’s signature feather wand. You can’t do a figure-eight leglock if you’re magically glued to the ground. I’d be more worried about Chilli, who would be keeping an eye on Romeo McFlourish in case he got frisky – and we don’t mean Bluey’s babysitter.

After the show ended and the cameras stopped rolling, the Florida audience was treated to some extra fun! During a dark match, the situation turned sour when Grayson Waller nabbed the Bingo balloon. In true heel fashion, the loathsome bad guy treated the adorable pup with disdain, violently tearing her open and destroying it. What makes it even worse is Waller is a native Australian, meaning he just ruined one of his home country’s greatest animated exports!

Former WWE champion AJ Styles challenged Waller, and after forcing him to run away with his tail tucked between his legs, The Phenomenal One brought the Bluey balloon into the middle of the ring, hoisting her up as a sign of victory. Like many of the WWE Superstars, AJ is a proud parent with four kids to call his own, and probably knows a lot more about Bluey than one would expect. 

There aren’t as many signs in the crowd as there used to be during the boom period of the 1990s and 200s, thanks to the advent of social media giving everyone a larger platform to share their love or hate for a wrestler. But if something in the audience stands out in the audience enough to get the wrestlers to pay attention, it must be special, and Bluey and Bingo are ready for their call-up to the main card.

This isn’t the first time Bluey made an appearance inside a WWE ring. Earlier this year during their 13th annual Elimination Chamber premium live event, Johnny Gargano competed in the titular match in Bandit-inspired gear. While he didn’t walk out of the brutal cage wearing a championship belt, he earned a ton of new fans and probably brought a lot of Bluey lovers back into pro wrestling. Chances are, this won’t be the last time either, so stay tuned!

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