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There’s An Extended Version of the Bluey Theme Song, and it’s Amazing

There are some theme songs you simply don’t skip when you’re watching a show. Whether you are trying to save time while binging something on Netflix or Disney+, or just really loathe the opening music (Suits, I’m looking at you), sometimes you just’ have to fast-forward to get to the good stuff. One song that is perpetually unskippable is the theme from Bluey. This iconic track by Joff Bush is the perfect length and impossible to not enjoy. But, what if I told you there was a better version of this theme song that was longer but still just as good – if not better? Today, we’ve got something extra special for you Bluey fans, because there’s an extended intro that will forever live rent-free in your head.

During the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Bluey Fest” this past weekend, the network ran a very special extended version of the theme song. It’s more than double the length of the version typically heard on TV or Disney+, meaning you get to spend even more time with this banging tune. This was the first time a version of this song was accompanied by video, and it’s everything I wanted and more.

Check out the video below:

You can also watch this video on the official Bluey website.

The normal version featured at the start of every Bluey episode has the Heeler family playing a game of “Musical Statues.” In this extended show open, Bluey’s friends stop by to make things even more exciting. Joining the fun is Rusty, Winton, Pom Pom, Snickers, and her cousins, Muffin and Socks. The pals dance together in their unique ways, making it a bigger visual spectacle than it already was. I get a kick out of seeing Rusty play the air guitar, and seeing Snickers do anything is always a treat.

This isn’t the first time this version of the song has been heard. A longer version with different vocal tracks was part of “Bluey: The Album” since it’s initial release, with the difference being the lack of other characters names, and instead has the Heeler kids voices naming some of the instruments played during the piece. It’s available to purchase along with the rest of the tracks in physical form on Amazon (including a CD and vinyl format), or you can listen to it streaming on Amazon and Spotify.

The Bluey theme is one of those earworms you love to have playing in your head, and this longer version pumps up the awesome to 11. Best of all, you get more of the kids doing their wackadoo things and reminding you why this show is so much fun to watch. This theme is one that will forever be synonymous with a generation of TV viewers, and might even rank up there with “Darkwing Duck” or “Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers” for me in terms of being memorable and never leaving my mind. Which new addition was your favorite part of this extended song?

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