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Bluey’s Newest Playset Is Her Biggest Ever

Moose Toys has been doing a stellar job when it comes to Bluey toys. The action figure line has become one of the hottest parts of the toy aisles in Targets and Walmarts around the country, while their line of plush minis has become highly sought after by both kids and adults. They’ve already given us a handful of very cool playsets, including the Heeler house, but their latest toy is the biggest one they’ve ever made for Bluey!

During Play Date 2023 in New York City, Moose Toys brought a wide variety of toys and games to show off. This industry-only event attracted major toymakers from around the globe, revealing some of the newest items from Spin Master, Jazwares Squishmallows, and the first in-hand look at the upcoming action figures from Playmates’ toy line for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

Among their ranks was Moose Toys, showcasing several new toys and games, including the adorable “My Puppy’s Home” and hilariously named “Doo Doo Kangaroo.” At the end of their booth tour was the big reveal – Bluey is getting a massive new playset, and it’s from one of the best episodes ever!

The Bluey Hammerbarn Playset stands at nearly two feet tall, making this the largest vertical Bluey toy to date. It features four levels, a spinning elevator (or lift as they call it in the UK), exclusive Bluey and Bingo figures, and so much more!

Check out the video below via Nerd News Today:

The Hammerbarn footage starts at around three minutes into the tour.

Besides the sheer size of this item, the Hammerbarn playset (based on it’s appearance from Season 2’s episode titled “Hammerbarn“) also includes over 45 sound effects and lights, decal sheets with dollarbucks, and accessories only found with this product including sausage sandwiches, a checkout counter, Bandit’s pizza oven, and lawn gnomes. Just be careful or someone’s husband eventually gets it. 

This playset will retail for somewhere between $50-60 USD when it comes out later this year.

While Hammerbarn was the only Bluey toy shown during Play Date 2023, I was assured there would be plenty more new products from this franchise coming out throughout the year. This includes new figures and larger-scale playsets, although anything else Moose releases this year will not be as enormous as this item.

UPDATE: You can order this Hammerbarn Shopping Center Playset from Amazon, or pick up the Amazon Exclusive Mega Set which includes Big Belt and his truck from “Tradies” using this link here.

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